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Posted by Suzi | March 26, 2013

Tell most people to decorate a home and they will freak the hell out!

Reactions tend to be something along the line of:

“Cripes, how do I get my couch to fit in there?!”

“Where an earth do I start?!”

“Should I go French or minimalist?”

But the thing is when we try too hard to follow fashion, or rules, we lose a bit of ourselves in the process! That’s why I love these 5 quick decor tips; they’re not so much about momentary changes in fashion, but about finding your inner style. And not being afraid to flaunt it.



Picture credits (from top left): pink doors; desk top; shopper; deskbooks.


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  1. Your website is looking fab! I love it xx

    Comment by Sarah Connell — June 3, 2013 #

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