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Posted by Suzi | February 28, 2013

Whenever I speak to anyone who reads my blog, I always get the same reaction. “I really like looking at the interiors,” they’ll say very politely. Then- like clockwork- eyes will widen and they’ll confess: “But the best thing about it?! Is all that happiness stuff!”

It seems you guys can’t get enough of the happiness stuff. Which is quite ok as I love it too!

Although, funnily enough, anyone who hasn’t read my blog- when I tell them I like to write about such things- always puzzles: “How on earth do you write about that then?!”

Which kind of sums us up, doesn’t it? We go about our lives forgetting that happiness is main name of the game. Then something so simple will come along and remind us that a smile is really the hugest gift we can have.

So here you go! A whole Word Love post on happiness. Enjoy! x x x








Picture credits (from top left): Choose Happiness; Blonde haired girls; couple on bench; smiley babybikegirl with elephant; girl in denim shirt; swing.ombre wallpaper.


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