Word Love: 4 quotes for dreamers

Posted by Suzi | February 1, 2013

Do you ever wonder where a dream comes from? I do all the time. Not the obvious ones like, you know, having a dirty weekend with Bradley Cooper or scientists discovering some botox butt-kicking herb that zaps away wrinkles (and is very cheap and non-painful to use). More the ones that won’t leave you alone.

Kind of constantly reminding you that there’s a disparity between than the daily existence you’re currently busying yourself with and something BETTER that’s waiting for you, if only you’d just reach out and grab it. It’s actually a bit annoying- I think I’d be happy doing day to day mindless tasks if there wasn’t something kind of internal streak constantly urging me to improve all the time.

Except, of course, that these small niggles have over the course of my life created beautiful, lucky and some totally weird and wonderful changes that I probably wouldn’t have swapped for the world.

For all those that have experienced the same, I think you’ll like these words of wisdom.



 Pictures (from left): happy girl; wish; door handle; geeks;bed; girl with umbrella.


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