Velvet Underground

Posted by Suzi | February 25, 2012

From smoking jackets at Dolce and Gabbana to male models draped head-to-toe in the stuff at Burberry; velvet is back with a vengeance, peeps. Not that it was ever really that out.

Regal, sumptuous, sometimes even slightly naughty looking; I love it. I drool at sofas covered in it. Yet, for some reason, I just can’t touch it. It creeps me out. But it does look fabulous.

Like the pop of a champagne cork or a floor-length killer dress; the fabric comes into it’s own with a sense of ooh-la-la occasion. The glistening Boom Boom rooms at the top of The Standard, Meatpacking in NYC, flashes it flawlessly on their 70’s chic swivel chairs. Or Soho House Berlin in a more stoically glam kind of way.

Modern or antique- as a furniture upholstery fabric, it’s kind of foolproof. A little wear and tear will just add to the sophistication…. Or if you’re worried about messy little creatures (namely pets and babies) go for voluptuous velvet curtains- I’ve got my eye on some stunning Mulberry Home fabric for this option. Albeit, I’ll need some kind of electronic device to open/close them.




Picture credits (from top left corner); Candle holder;, chandelier;, Blue Velvet Louis XI bed;, Pink armchair;, Green chiase;, Turquoise chair, Single blue chair, Pair of blue chairs;, Vintage velvet lamp shades;, Curtains


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