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Posted by Suzi | June 12, 2012

The digi geeks’ HQs are ridiculously fun to snoop in! Generally less concerned with accessories and porcelain than the fash-pack; they are equally showy and even more geared towards an office equivalent of a dance off. Also, they have the big bucks to match.

“It’s a little like a spaceship landed”, was Steve Jobs’ take on the proposals for the colossal new Apple headquarters building in Cupertino, California, when it was unveiled in December last year. Making even Vogue’s NYC offices (see previous post) look seriously small-fry and, well, a bit medieval; it’s rumoured to be being designed by Foster + Partners and is already dubbed the ‘mothership’. Looking quite the alien’s frisbee, it goes to show that in an age of SHARE EVERYTHING office design is central to creating a brand identity.

Potter over to Facebook’s Silicon Valley HQ and you’ll find they’ve allowed their building to evolve continuously by leaving walls and spaces left unfinished (with employees being encouraged to write on the walls, add artwork, and move furniture as needed). There’s also an outdoor basketball court/ indoor ping-pong table for recreational meetings and concrete floors so employees can zip around on two-wheeled skateboards. Suck on that Willy Wonka!

Meanwhile, at Googleplex (Google’s humbly named 506,310 sq ft HQ, in amongst a 26 acre plot of land) there’s free laundry rooms, swimming pools, multiple sand volleyball courts and eighteen cafeterias with diverse menus. Dogs (but not cats) are allowed in to play. As Clive Wilkinson Architects, who were responsible for the design say: “A primary vision was to merge the idea of workplace with the experiences found in an educational environment into a new way of working and maintenance of an edge. The reasoning for this was the idea that within the loosely structured university system, there are resources available to allow the individual to conceive, investigate, and execute the impossible—and that is how Google was originally conceived.”

If I was Apple, I’d definitely throw in a 3D cinema, maybe a sauna/steam room and a cat nursery just as a warm-up.



Picture credits from top left: Apple’s new mothership; Facebook, Silicon Valley interiors and exterior,; Slide, office interior, pool table, Googleplex; Pinboard and spiral staircase, Groupon,, Coloured chairs and white interior, Skype; Huts with lanterns, Pixar,, Microsoft Vienna;



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