The Retro Sun Worshipper

Posted by Suzi | July 9, 2012

Whether you’re rocking bikini bottoms that travel up to your bra line or a pair of plimpsoles down the promenade; it’s pretty hard to avoid the retro vibe brands are injecting into our summer wardrobes right now. From playsuits to panama hats to Prada- everything has gone gloriously kitsch.

And it’s been hip exterior design that has been leading the way. Think the ultra-cool Ivy Pool Club in Sydney,  where they’ve imagined a Hollywood Palm Springs retreat complete with rattan chairs, shady palms and lashings of lemon yellow. Or The Standard Meatpacking’s rooftop bar, where you can order a crepe from the baby pink trailer and eat it reclined on a waterbed.

For some reason kicking back with a caipirinha in what feels like the 1950′s, 60′s or 70′s is so much cooler than anything else. Why? Cause when you’re in a glamorous time-warp, who gives a hoot about work on Monday. I, for one, will always drink to that.




Credits from left: Striped swimsuit:, Gucci Fedora: Frescobol bat-and-ball;, Oliver People sunglasses;, Marc Jacobs Playsuit; , Parasol;, Chairs;,  YSL Heels:, Hampton Boy Shorts;, Benefit Bad Gal liner in waterproof;, Lantern;, Vintage swimsuit;, ’50′s dress;, The Viceroy Palm Springs Bar;, Iron folding chairs;, Yellow bistro table;, Silk Memento cushions;,  We Are Handsome at Sydney Fashion Week;



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  1. fabulous hat and sunglasses! perfect must have summer retro look
    x kat

    Comment by kat | dot dot dash — July 9, 2012 #

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