The Green Room

Posted by Suzi | February 12, 2013

When I first began to study colour psychology at design school I was fascinated! Could all these colours really provoke an emotion or make you feel a certain way?

The first example my tutor used was green and red: opposite colours on the colour wheel. When you use a lot of green with a little dash of red (or hot pink), it will just look/feel fabulous. The same goes for the reverse. But what happens when you use both colours in equal measure? It produces an absolute frenzy! Think of a busy Italian restaurant, decked out in red and green checks. What do you want to do? Eat lots of pasta, then get out! It just doesn’t create the type of environment where you want to stay and linger on for hours.

Green, however, used simply, boldly and with a little bit of sass is one of the most soothing colours you can have in your home. From the first shoots of spring, to deep gem tones, farmer’s market veggies, earthy moss; I hope you like this inspiration board.



Picture credits (from top left): green dining roomartichokespears; green tie; sofa with gold picture; giftgreen window; stairway; green flowers; girl with lights; bedroomVogue cover;  pom pomswallpapered bathroom; green seats; neutral sofa; vase; stone.




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