The Gold Issue

Posted by Suzi | January 30, 2012

Some people have issues about gold. Like shoulder pads, bad perms and moldy avocado green bath tubs; it reminds people of a period in decoration history that was hardly the Renaissance. The 1980′s.

But with chrome finishes having been done here, there and, everywhere; opting to use gold in your home can be a rather sultry alternative.

For one, it’s a psychological chameleon. Use it with black, it becomes exotic and glamorous. The combination will make a buzzy hotel lobby feel buzzier or a sexy bar sexier. Pair it against white- soft, creamy white- and it’s suddenly clean, luxurious and calming. For 70‘s chick? Use it against tan. Old-world glamour? Pair it with a primary colour. Bright and crazy? A tropicana orange.

The key is to let the texture do the talking. Normally, a matt finish looks classier, while something shiny is more a ‘look at me’ statement. If you do go flash- avoid coming across a bit Gordon Gekko by throwing in a sharp contrast like a rustic material or muted colour.

If you get it just right, people will think you have the interior design midas touch.

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From top left corner; Restaurant at Royal Academy:, Gold bowls:, Camera:, Bath:, Shoes:, Dock Kitchen:, Wall clock:, 1950′s Italian chandelier:


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