The Dark Room

Posted by Suzi | May 3, 2012

Cosy, mysterious, removed from boring old reality; dark rooms can be a bit like having a huge slab of gooey chocolate cake. Or pressing the snooze button for the third time running. Naughty but toe-ticklingly nice.

While it’s drummed into us that we should immediately want to lighten/brighten any space, designers like Tom Dixon and Abigail Ahern have been seriously putting the Back To Black look back on the map. Pioneered by British architect Sir Edwin Lutins, who originally set off dark walls with crisp white woodwork and wildcard accents- it creates spaces where colours and objects pop against broody backgrounds.

Contrary to general opinion, it can bring small spaces to life; making them appear bigger by dissolving boundaries. And when accessorised with ‘touch me’ textures or bold furnishings- it doesn’t feel depressing or gothic at all- but rather creates a glamorous retreat where you can shut out the world for hours. Or days. Or weeks.

If the idea still scares you senseless- opt for a less frequently used area, the stairs or a bathroom. It will make for the ultimate feel good style statement.



Picture credits (from top left corner): Exterior;, Chandelier; Abigail Ahern’s home as seen on, Chair from Maison des Champs Elysee;, Brass pendent lights;, Parisian interior http;// , Chairs, Nespresso Cafe Milan;, Stairway;,  Shelf;, Sitting room Abigail Ahern’s home;  http;//, Dining table, fashion designer Gilles Mendel’s jet-black apartment as seen on;  Exterior;, Bedroom from Maison des Champs Elysee;



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