Sunday Sunshine

Posted by Suzi | February 6, 2012

Whether it’s a strong bloody mary or a granola and yoghurt kind of Sunday; the best ones should always include a brunch that makes you feel just that little bit happier to be alive. Relaxed, social, entirely unpretentious. Less Manhattan Gossip Girl and more somewhere everyone suddenly stops caring about things that don’t matter (work/the hangover from hell/shoes) and become slowly focused on the things that do. Like the consistency of egg yolk. Or how much froth there is on your coffee.

Clean and bright and atoning of the previous week’s stress. Here are some finds I’d like to come across on a Sunday- alongside two beautifully poached eggs, The Sunday Times and a freshly poured mimosa, obviously.

Picture Credits
Photosynthesis Light, Meirav Barzilay:, Flour Pot Bakery Design; Sara Nicely,; Vintage Fornasetti plates:, Cyborg chair, Magis:, Sustainable wood flooring;, Shop Interior Daylesford Organic;, Reclaimed wood table;, Strawberry jam;




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