Repair, Reuse, Rethink: 4 Cool Recycling Brands

Posted by Suzi | March 14, 2012

Baileys Home and Garden 

From abandoned bobbins to useless old egg-timers, this husband and wife team create a beautiful melange of interior pieces from objects found in the UK or on their travels. With products as whimsical as they are practical- even their brooms are romantic. 





“In the ‘fabulous, kiss, kiss, darling, love that dress … Versace?’ world of art and design,” says designer Rodney Allen Trice, “I hope my work emits a ‘get down off your high horse and sit a while’ feel.” Since moving to NYC and having to decorate his pad on a shoestring budget, Trice has been making furniture out of nothing (and, well, everything). From pendant lights made out of umbrellas to tables of crutches- his work is a reminder that eco-friendly furniture can be so much fun.



Dan Faires


Faires work is imbued with love, mystery and a passion for historical importance. Having worked with some of the best tradesmen in NYC, he salvages materials from buildings that are about to be demolished and creates simple but powerfully-speaking pieces of furniture. From architectural beams found in Meatpacking to Hell’s Kitchen dining tables- the history of the wood and it’s original purpose comes documented on a scroll, enclosed in a capsule inside every piece.




Hidden behind a petrol station in a small market town in northern England (they do mail-order and are stocked at Liberty too), this eclectic shop is full of recycled and restored pieces. From Virgin Mary tin cans painted in Mexico to amazing pieces of driftwood or buckets made from recycled plastic in Sengal; owners’ Simon Young & Jenny Vaughan’s backgrounds in fashion design shines through their magpie eye for eco finds.



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