Question Time

Posted by Suzi | March 7, 2013

There is an argument that the paths our lives take are shaped by the questions we ask ourselves. Classic example; something not so good happens and what do you say to yourself:

A) “You stupid fool! How could you let this happen?!”


B) “Ok, how are we going to turn this around?”

Whether you chose A or B just then can mean so much more than the actual problem. In fact it can determine your future. *Quick aside: I think I personally go A, A, A at first, then B when I’ve calmed down a little.

Yet as Peak Performance guru Anthony Robbins  says: “I’ve asked everyone I’ve met from CEOs in high-rises to homeless people on the street and realised that the main difference between people who seemed to be successful- in any area!- and those who weren’t was that the successful people asked better questions and as a result got better answers.”

Look at what kind of questions are you asking yourself right now. Are they ones that make you feel panicked and fearful? Or asks that make you see things in a new, positive light?

Here are 5 questions I love right now:



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