Optical Illusions

Posted by Suzi | May 13, 2012

I think what separates a good interior designer from an amazing one is someone who pays fine attention to colour. Not just in terms of ‘what goes’ or ‘what clashes’; I’m talking a person who sees way more than that. Someone who melds subtle tones and pigments in a way so that they spark, meld, dance or glow next to each other.

London-born, Amsterdam-based, designer Kate Hume’s use of colour exemplifies this. Be it a soothing swathe of neutrals or a bright jewel toned ensemble, her rooms seem to have an added layer of depth than most.

Like me, she started off in fashion. Learning fabric, pattern and spark, working as a stylist and forecaster for Bergdorf Goodman in NYC. Now married to Dutch film-maker/furniture designer, she designs houses across Europe, Russia and the Middle East.

Speaking to one of my fav furniture websites (www.1stdibs.com) recently, she explained: “I always start with colour. I walked into a house recently and saw it desperately needed aubergine.”

Without even having to glimpse the place in question, I have little doubt she’s probably right.



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  1. I love the sense of space and light in her interiors. Her subtle use of vibrant colour keeps things elegant. What a lovely way to start the week – thanks for sharing. x

    Comment by Di — May 14, 2012 #

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