Notes from the Orient

Posted by Suzi | March 21, 2012

Please excuse the terrible photography- all mine!- but following a recent sourcing trip to northern Thailand, I just wanted to share some interesting finds from Ban Tawai. About a half-an-hour drive from┬áChiang Mai,┬áthe design glitterati (Armani Casa, Donna Karan, Saks Fifth Avenue et al) regularly frequent there for decor inspiration. And it’s brimming with hot finds. Warehouses of silk or laquerware sit next to piles of jaw-dropping woodwork and stacks of gorgeous ornaments.

It wouldn’t be a true Asian market without a rife trade in FAKE everything too (a Thai Van Gough, anyone?). So understandably the people selling genuine antiques won’t let you take photos. As one tired, talented wood-worker told me: “People copy beautiful things so perfectly, the copy has no soul.” But, equally, there are young and interesting new designers so keen to be spotted too. Overall, a Disneyland for furniture geeks….



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