No Wallflower

Posted by Suzi | May 17, 2012

At design school, one of my tutors always said that the contemporary customer’s obsession with wallpaper is just a poor man’s substitute for having art on the walls. That instead of being brave and spending on an art student’s canvas or a picture that truly grabs us- most of us are happier flicking through a branded book of colours and patterns in a department store.

Whether you agree or not (I’m somewhere in the middle- who said people aren’t hanging pictures on their wallpaper, huh?), I think it is impossible not to see De Gournay’s wallpaper as works of art. Hand painted on silk; before I even got into  interior design, I’d see them used in a house  in a magazine and be quite captivated by them.

Using traditional 18th century Chinoiserie techniques and 19th century French designs- while I can see you’d be hesitant to use some of the louder ones in everyday rooms in the house- for a commercial setting, an occasional space or feature wall; I’m just so in love with them.

Will be popping over to visit the Sydney showroom soon, so watch this space as to how and where I next use them….



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