New Year Sparkle

Posted by Suzi | January 9, 2013

Hello, sorry for the delay in writing! Happy new year guys!! I’m just back from holidays (little island on Thailand, I’ll blog about it soon, it was so beautiful!) and despite my slow start to the year, I’m hoping 2013 will be bigger and better than ever before!

I’ve got so much planned; there will also be lots of amazing interviews, a sparkly new newsletter and I’m hoping an ever-expanding community of you guys, the readers!

It’s now just over 10 months since I started writing this and every minute of the way I’ve been bowled over by the kind support. People I haven’t seen in years have been in touch to say they love it, strangers have written me such gorgeous emails and every ‘like’ ‘share’ and ‘comment’ has made me sky high with happiness. So thank you – each and every one of you- for reading.

I’d spent years hearing the words: “Why aren’t you blogging?!” And would normally smile, nod and then fob off the well-meaning person off with something like: “Ooh, yes, I’m sure I will- one day…” Then last year I stopped thinking of it as a ball-and-chain of extra work, a loss of my anonymity, something that would probably seem cool at the time and then be like seeing an embarrassing photo of myself with a naff haircut later; and gave it a go!

Without you guys, I probably would have stopped after the third post! So here’s hoping in 2013, will be an AMAZING one for all of us.

Wishing you all health, happiness and fun every step of the way!! Please do keep in touch, love to you all x x x x Suzi



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