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Posted by Suzi | May 21, 2012

Since starting this blog, and moving to Australia, I’ve been living a slight nomadic existence (travelling and working here, there and everywhere) which on the creative side is excellent, but not so for consistency.

I’m therefore very excited to let you know that I’ve just moved into my very first office in Sydney! Located in a beautiful old heritage building in the CBD, it’s on the third floor of the contemporary visual gallery- Gaffa (which you can see here). A former police station, the site has been converted into a light and open gallery; which changes its exhibits with a party every two weeks.

I feel very lucky to be working in a space surrounded by jewellery makers, object designers, visual artists. The whole innitiative is dedicated to establishing¬†design talent so there’s going to be a constant mishmash of inspiration at my finger tips.

First of which, I’d like to share, is Christian Pearson’s beautiful nature-photography exhibit Conversations With The Land. As he explains: “I find myself having a conversation, whispering out loud to the sky, the trees, the water and rocks. I lose myself in the land and for a brief moment become part of it and feel the richness of time it has experienced.”

This is definitely my kind of work place.



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