Monday Sparkle; Checklist for Awesomeness

Posted by Suzi | February 25, 2013

We’ve all been there – you know, when you’re stressing out about something and it just feels heavy and big. Like it’s just you vs world; no-one else quite gets it!

The most innocent remark can cut like a knife. You take everything personally. Molehills tend to = mountains. And you become a bit of a black belt at beating yourself up!

The thing is that when we feel crap about something, we kind of blind out all the good stuff and only see crap! I remember watching an experiment on luck- where they took people who thought they were unlucky and did things like leave £100 cash notes doted around their doorstep. The ‘unlucky’ people walked on oblivious, while those that thought they were ‘lucky’ always noticed the gifts.

How many times have you heard the phrase ‘you make your own luck’? The thing is that implies that it requires struggle, effort and grind. When, actually, just changing your viewpoint can shift everything. Are you ready for the checklist now? Ok, here we go…




Picture credits (from top left); Gift; feet; happy girl; girl in chair.




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