Miss Sarajevo

Posted by Suzi | June 29, 2012

As already mentioned, last week took me to Sarajevo in Bosnia for my dearest of friends Samra and Ali’s wedding. It was a beautiful affair- relaxed, informal, with every emphasis placed on the friends and family who had travelled all over the world to be there (from Australia to America to Berlin to Costa Rica, the list goes on).

The day before the wedding, a small party of us were spoilt with home baking at the bride’s grandmother’s house. The Bosnian coffee was so strong, drinking it felt a bit like receiving a mini electric shock! But the food was delicious, made with pure love, and just when you thought you’d seen more baklavas than was humanly-possible, out would pop another plate.

At sunset, the bride’s sister threw a drinks party at a bar which will stay in my heart forever. 4 Sobe Gospodje Safije - you must go, if you’re ever in town. Set out like a secret garden, “it’s a little bit of fancy,” as my new friend Maja eloquently put it. Overgrown and effortless, with shabby chic tables and faded garden pillows; it’s the perfect spot for drinking under the stars.




  1. Thank you for sharing such an interesting place! I just stumbled upon your site, but it’s great. Do you have a follow button?

    Comment by Tom — June 29, 2012 #

  2. Hi Tom, thanks for visiting the site and for your kind words. Follow button is coming soon! I will be sure to let you know x S

    Comment by suzi — June 29, 2012 #

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  4. Thank you Diogo- Look forward to checking them out :-)

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