Miami Whites

Posted by Suzi | August 7, 2012

Following a recent trip to Miami, I’m convinced the whole city has been born with an innate colour expertise. Everywhere I went I saw splashes of colour beautifully weaved in with white – which is harder than it sounds to pull off. You may have noticed that lately, white’s become a bit of a serious little fellow with rooms generally being all-white (eek scary!!) or monochrome (yawn, boring!!) so it’s nice to see it become young and fun again.

I think it’s best used with colours that have been diluted with white – think soft caramels rather than a thick brown, or any kind of pastel- for a softer effect. Or for jazzy sunshine style, pair it with bold undiluted colour- cobalt blues, zingy oranges, bright yellow.

I’m currently trying to channel the look for my new flat, which was a bit of an ordeal to find! Anyone who has ever been house-hunting in a big city knows how demoralising and gruesome an affair it can be. Whether you’re buying, renting, couch surfing (kidding about that last one), it usually provokes a whirlwind of emotions. Symptoms can include delerium, relationship-busting lows, jealously, falling head-over-heels in love at first sight of a front-doorstep, paranoia, black-hole-style despair, loss of rational thinking, you name it.

In fact, if I ever meet an alien who has 1 hour to experience every emotion in the human condition, I’m going to pack them trotting-off in search of reasonable two-bed in central London. Or Sydney- as my attempt to find a rental near(ish) the beach proved  last week.

First viewing was Bondi, the estate agent didn’t turn up. Second, I was met by someone who’d bought the wrong keys. Third was highly surreal. In retrospect, everything about the advert was dodgy. There really is no such a thing as an affordable  penthouse apartment with sea views, I concluded while rubbing some poor fellow-viewee’s back as she literally burst into tears at the sight of the mouldy shower.

But then the fourth came along. And it was so gorgeous! And following our nail-biting application (Sydney’s rental market is ridiculously competitive) we got it! And so I’ve got my decor hat firmly on…

We can hear the sea from the sitting room – so it will be beach influenced (obvs) but with lots of Miami style splashes of colour!

What do you think? Here are some of my inspiration shots.







  1. I love this look! Please keep us posted with how you get on decorating the new place- it sounds fab!

    Comment by Simone Jennings — August 10, 2012 #

  2. Inspiring post. I love the day bed and candle look. So luxurious!

    Comment by Sara Harris — August 10, 2012 #

  3. Yes, I hate boring white rooms. There’s far too many of them. Go Miami!!!!

    Comment by Tara Wellings — August 10, 2012 #

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