Julian Schnabel’s NYC Pad/Palazzo

Posted by Suzi | May 11, 2012

She probably didn’t mean it about interior styling but American critic, Amanda Cross, couldn’t have been more accurate when she said: “Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze.”

I’m a total romantic when it comes to interiors. But- normally- I hate faking it. A couple in Dallas trying to re-create Henry VIII’s tudor palace is my idea of a match-made in hell (very sorry in advance to anyone reading this from their turret in Texas).

I always think it’s best to approach your room in the most natural way. For example- to me- true romance by the sea would mean cool linen, soothing wood, wicker, shells, flickering coconut candles. In a library? A worn-down antique arm chair, a beautiful reading light and a cosy throw to snuggle up under.

So I surprised myself by loving Julian Schnabel’s Pompeii-style red palazzo in NYC. Set in the midst of down-to-earth-cool Greenwich Village- isn’t it bizarre? But it breathes the painter/sculptor/furniture designer/filmmaker’s fanciful life.

As Ingrid Sischy (author of an article in Vanity Fair puts it): “Within Palazzo Chupi, Schnabel has found an original way to reference and meld many of the architecture-related experiences that have affected him, informed him, and inspired him over the years. In fact, one could view the building itself as a sort of architectural autobiography.”

It draws upon a point which cannot be over-emphasized in interior design: personality of the owner is the absolute key. Make a home with soul and integruity! Fill a room with things ‘you think you should like’ or will make you look cultured and classy and you’re still faking it. Instead, encompass pieces and colours that really get you going “oooooh.” Play around! Look for pics you really love in mags.

Any piece – even your grandfather’s old shoe- can be made to look cool.  Filled with objects you truly desire- a space will just feel happier to be in.



Picture credits: www.evanjoseph.photoshelter.comwww.vanityfair.com 



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