For real Friday; the birds and the bees

Posted by Suzi | February 22, 2013

I just love this little gem I fell upon today.

Because the thing is, we all think we communicate only via words; when actually the world seems to be far more subtle place than that. Whether you like it or not, right now you are sending off signals; happy signals, sad signals, extremely hostile hormonal signals. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like you have a choice, but deep down we kind of do.

Start to listen to what you’re choosing and, if you don’t like what it’s bringing back, then why not choose again? Mentally we can be as old or as young as we like, as free or as trapped, a rock star, a phoney, a sinner, a saint or somewhere in-between.

Whether you’ve just had the worst week in the world, or the best, I hope this weekend offers some find some new awesome thoughts for yourself.

Have fun! xx




Picture credits (from left): girl in hatbee & pink flowers; girls chattingphonelady with star in her hair; shoesqueen bee; suitcase; little girl; feet by sea; pancakes; glitter bag; puppy.


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