For real Friday; 1 reason to love more

Posted by Suzi | February 8, 2013

I started for real Fridays on my Facebook page a couple of weeks ago, which is basically one awesome little scientific fact about the universe that could have you thinking all weekend.

With Valentines Day fast approaching, whether you’re single, in a relationship or currently on some kind of man ban; I love this finding by NYU that love at first sight is real and can happen.

Maybe it’s re-falling in love with you partner, your work or (the one that’s most important, yet we all seem to forget) yourself. Knowing that it isn’t some lengthy, thoughtful process but a mili-second decision, means it’s always kind of there just waiting for you to notice it. In theory then you could do it right now, or on the train home from work, tomorrow with the papers and a strong cuppa maybe?

Whenever and whatever you chose, I hope you love this weekend x xS




Picture credits (from left); girlheart cutouts; gallery with balloons and people; flamingos; breakfast in bedplates on wall; elephants; LA; 60′s girlbike; dog; girl in dressing gown, girl with umbrella. Wallpaper.


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