Fly Me (To The Moon)

Posted by Suzi | June 26, 2012

My Facebook/Tweet buddies will know I’m on the road right now- back to Europe then the US for all things work, play and wunderlust related.

Having just spent 24 hours solid in the air from Sydney to London (economy class and laughing to myself, how despite the sheer wonder of being in the air, man is so easily distracted by things like TV screens that don’t work and the quality of the reheated lasagne) I got thinking about great upgrades and how to score them.

After years of dreaming about it, it happened to me by chance earlier this year. It was Boxing Day, the flight was packed and I was a female traveling alone (or so they thought) with an early alphabetical surname. Bingo!

So short of denying your closest loved ones by changing your last name to something starting with A or B, here are some tips I found.

1) Contrary to general opinion, the early bird does not always get the worm. Rather than fly with empty business class seats, airlines have been known to slash fares by up to 50% if you enquire about upgrading when you arrive at the airport.

2) The old *Avoid flying at all cost during school holidays* rule goes out the window here. Less work trips take place during traditional holiday times, so you are more likely to get a reduced price on business class tickets. NB. This applies only for city breaks- think NYC or Paris, not the Caribbean or Honolulu.

3) Go package! The thought might bring you out in palpitations, but paying for your hotel plus flights together can be one of the most cost efficient ways to go 5 star.

4) Wear a low-cut top and pull a pilot. Kidding.



Credits; Vitamin E face spritz, The Body Shop;, Eight Hour cream;, Suitcase image;, Missoni socks;, Cherries and Figi water;, Needlepoint tote;, Travel journals and notebook;, Sofa;, Bed; Vogue Living, Suitcase image;, Lanterns; Sky Lantern Festival, Taiwan.





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