Flower Power

Posted by Suzi | August 22, 2012

I have a little theory about flowers: quite simply, in home decor or life in general, you can never have too many. Even the most beautiful rooms on earth need them (bachelors – at least let me give you a pot plant?)

Tonnes of scientific research has been done into the fact that they are a powerful emotional stimulant. One study I read (you too can read it here if you really want to geek up on the stuff), found that every woman presented with a bouquet of flowers produced a Duchenne, AKA true, smile. And they were still in a happier mood 3 days later! Thank me later, bachelor readers.

While researchers grapple with the harder to prove question of why, I think I know the answer. It’s easy to get overly-stressed with the big home decisions- sofa? kitchen colour? modern? traditional?- when sometimes no matter what you choose, it’s the simplest things in life make you the happiest anyway.

While flowers will never look bad, there are certain tips that will make them sing (not literally, unfortunately) and shine in their environment.

Click here to see my approach, just kidding (a lame attempt at trying to produce a Duchenne, I know) my notes are below.



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  1. Love this! I am going to make a Bonne Maman vase!

    Comment by Fauldsy — August 22, 2012 #

  2. This is such a beautiful and uplifting post. Thank you! Happy Thursday!

    Comment by Tara Wellings — August 23, 2012 #

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