Chalet Chic

Posted by Suzi | January 31, 2012

To me, most ski chalets are begging for a bit of TLC accessorising. It’s not often you come across someone who loves extreme sports as much as they do a beautiful carpet. So normally, they’re hurriedly (and rather horribly) fitted out by people who just want to get down the slopes. I always seem to get lumped with cold floors, prickly sofas and mismatching knives and forks that used to live in someone’s garage.

It seems obvious- that when your surrounded by icy cliffs and (for terrible skiers, like me) life-and-limb threatening situations-  you would want to come back to somewhere cosy, no? But for some reason most people- even those responsible for 5 star chalet hotels- seem to turn into a crazy old Scottish woman when decorating in the mountains. Everything is tartan. And itchy. Or Christmas themed all year round.

It doesn’t have to be expensive. Remember; in cold climates, tactile things do the talking. Knitted cushions can look amazing or a simple smokey scented candle will give the room an extra layer (what could be better than Diptiques’ deliciously wintery Feu de Bois?)

From snug sheepskin to worn leather; go for natural finishes that you want to touch. Then keep everything else simple.


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