Bauhaus: the bold and beautiful experiment

Posted by Suzi | May 2, 2012

While it would be rash to compare the UK’s governments brutal art cuts to that of a Nazi dictatorship killing the most celebrated art school in the world; there’s no doubting that the new major London exhibition on the Bauhaus is a timely reminder of the power of education.

Opening tomorrow- it will showcase the UK’s largest Bauhaus themed exhibit in four decades. Full of iconic interior pieces, art, ceramics, paintings; it’s proof that the relationship and interjection of ideas between the students and master can be the heartbeat of design.

The concept for the Bauhaus – literally “building house” – came from Walter Gropius, a practising architect  and one of the great visionary thinkers of the 20th century. Having served as a calvary officer on the western front for almost the entire duration of WW1; his response to the horrors and devastation was to “start again from zero.” Knowing that the only way to move forward, was to think again. And think again. And think again from scratch.

Doing away with old fashioned frills and twills, The Bauhaus aesthetic replaced bourgeois design with a geometry of clarity, sharp angles and straight lines. Pioneering ”The new unity of art and technology” as early as the 1920′s.

Its roots in the Craft Movement of John Ruskin and William Morris is obvious-  as is its influence on contemporary design- but less so, is how it can shape the future. Faced with the looming environmental concerns and a stark economy; it may be time to think again.

Bauhaus: Art as Life, 3rd of May-12th of August 2012.

Barbican Art Gallery
Barbican Centre
Silk Street, London, UK



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