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Posted by Suzi | January 30, 2012

Hello! I have a blog. This is exciting. Where do I start? Ok, I’ll let you in on a little secret, something I wish I’d learnt before I started getting into all this interior design business.

If you’ve got the pad and you’re ready to rock-and-roll with a paintbrush; do you know what the very first thing you should do is? Before you lay a finger on decorating?

I’ll give you a clue. It has nothing to do with going out, excitedly ordering a bottle of wine and freeing yourself from society’s expectations (this slight mishap resulted in me tipsily turning my university bedroom a sick shade of leprechaun green).

Instead, take out a pen and paper and write down everything- really everything- you want to do in the space. Eat? Sleep? Play? Host a naked dinner party every once in a while?

Nothing is too simple (or ludicrous). You see, the thing is we’re all scarily susceptible to loosing the plot when shopping. The brain tends to go down the route of “Oooh baby that’s lovely”, “What a bargain!”, “Ah, that’s just like Eve’s table”. Rather than “Ho hum, I’ve got a teeny tiny room where I need to be able to put my feet up, entertain guests, email, watch films and do yoga- how on earth am I going to make this happen?”

Annoying as it is, a space needs to bend to someone’s specific needs as much as it needs to look amazing. From creating a simple-but-effective storage system (which includes inconveniently big but easily forgettable things like suitcases and hoovers) to having a space which can be both intimate and functional; if you get a room which really works for you, it will have a profound effect on your wellbeing.

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