The Bach Pad

Posted by Suzi | January 31, 2012

Boys, this is one for you. You’re always asking me tips for on your pad. So here it is. I know, I know, you want the ridiculously huge tv (with surround sound), the gadgets of a wizard, the bed of a porn-star, the BBQ of a 5 star steak restaurant and the fridge that will perfectly chill beer, right? All while seeming like a distinguished gentleman.

Ok, so the key to disguising a pimp cave (don’t worry I won’t tell anyone) is going tasteful and discrete. Veer away from black leather anything. Put that red thing catching your eye down right now. Instead consider furniture with clean lines and earthy materials- untreated wood, rough concrete, soft leather. Explore colours that are less obvious; taupe, navy, charcoal, light caramels.

By keeping it simple, then throwing in a bit of ‘wow’ – like a statement light or a stunning photograph- the effect will be both powerful and sophisticated. Even if, underneath it all, you are really just living the 15-year-old’s dream….

Picture Credits
From top left corner; Untitled Hands Behind Back, Vivian Mair:, Yellow chairs:, Exterior:, Barnwood hanging bed:, Coco mirror:, Exposed bulb chandalier;, TV with inbuilt speakers:, Sofa, Argentinian Cowhide Rug:, Boy With Pipe, Vivian Mair:


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