All Hail Kale

Posted by Suzi | November 23, 2012

If like me you can’t walk by a health food shop without going in for a potter – no doubt you’re seeing kale everywhere right now. It’s all the green juice rage these days. It’s also a form of crisp (one I like- although I’m a bit susetible to all kinds of strange vegetable concoctions). Actually right now sitting on my desk is a fat slab of ominous green-looking kale brownie, which I’m sure must good for my chakras or something.

Grow your own gurus love it as it’s a resiliant plant (and so thrives where cabbage patch kids tend to wilt and fail). Veggies are smugly calling it ‘the new beef’ as it contains more iron per calories than any raw sirloin around.  Touted as nature’s ultimate fast food, taking just two minutes to cook; it’s generally said to be one of the healthiest vegetables on the planet. Here’s why:



Picture credits (from top right): juice; vintage kale packetinspirational fridge magnet; kale in baking tray (and yummy recipe for parmasan kale chips); “Too sexy” spoon; kale and handLiving young and wild and freekale chipsI love you more than I love kale; wallpapernumbers.



  1. Your blog is beautiful! I love learning all these facts with pictures and just the way you explain things is fab!

    How have you been publicizing? This deserves to be BIG!xx F

    Comment by Farah — November 23, 2012 #

  2. Thanks Farah, that’s very sweet of you!

    I’ve just been publicising over Facebook, Twitter and Google searches. Would love to do more though, so if you have any tips let me know.

    Thank you for reading and please feel free to go forth and spread the word xx S

    Comment by suzi — November 26, 2012 #

  3. Well done, Suzie. Your blog takes ages to load when we are away from Perth, though.

    Love and best wishes

    James & Samina

    Comment by James — February 13, 2013 #

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