6 Ways To Discover Your Purpose

Posted by Suzi | February 7, 2013

Who hasn’t ever cringed when being asked: “And what do you do?” In probably the most surreal moment of my life, when I had just finished university, I once very randomly found myself sitting next to Paul McCartney at a dinner. Yes, Macca! The real-life Beatle! And, while I was trying to act all cool, what was the first this he said to me: “What do you do?”

I literally had no reply. I then had to splutter: “Well, I’m currently unemployed Paul. Thanks for asking though.” I still go red thinking about it!

But it’s funny, thinking back to that stage in our lives where we suddenly we become what we do. Now I love so much what I do, but I still don’t feel like it’s me. I think we are all so much more than our jobs, our cars, a fancy postcode, or a terrible wage per hour. It’s just when we forget that we’re bigger than those things, sometimes we start hiding behind them.

That’s why I love the work of Robert Holden (previous blog adoration of him here); the happiest British psychologist ever. I’ve been telling anyone who’ll listen recently to buy his book Shift Happens, which is a little life-changer by the way. Founder and Director of The Happiness Project and Success Intelligence (which you can read more about here), he’s coached thousands of people, including CEOs and huge brands (you’ll definitely know his Dove’s “Real Beauty Campaign,”) on how to be more happy, authentic and wonderful at everything you do.

Inspired by his post on Oprah.com, here’s his 6 step guide to finding your purpose! *Clue: it’s nothing to do what what you’re doing, but all about who you’re being…*



Picture credits (from top left): office girl; business meeting; girl in sunglasses; girl with headphones; stacking shelves; compass, vintage numbers.




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