5 Ways to Feel Amazing This Christmas

Posted by Suzi | December 6, 2012

It’s now officially just under three weeks until Christmas!! If, like me, you’re thinking: “Whaaaat?! How the hell did that happen?!” and are scrambling around rushing to finish work, see everyone you can before the holidays, post things abroad and get in the mood. You’ve probably just exhausted yourself at the thought.

Yet, sometimes, when we exhaust ourselves with just thoughts, we miss all the fun and beauty that is right under our noses!

So here are my tips (teaching myself as well as you guys here, peeps) on how to feel amazing this Christmas.



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  1. Amazing!!! This post is beautiful! Need to work on all those things above!

    Comment by Renie — December 6, 2012 #

  2. Ah this is one of the best posts to date! Has made me all happy :)
    And is just so true. I have started not going to every event im invited to and feel much better for it. Its quite enlightening actually!
    And if someone gave me 50 reasons why they are happy im in their life or why they love me I would be over the moon! (something tells me I shouldnt hold my breath through…..)

    Comment by Louise Palmer — December 7, 2012 #

  3. Thank you for these tips and suggestions! Definitely not the esiaest part of going through a divorce. I had help from a great book, though. The Intelligenadt Divorce by Mark Banschick was a wonderful resource full of tips and ideas on how to talk with your kids about all the changes that are going on. It was great just to have someone helping me see that I was doing something right!

    Comment by Marcus — February 2, 2013 #

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