5 Things I’ve Learned About Gemstones by Eilish Bouchier

Posted by Suzi | March 5, 2013

I will always remember the first time I caught sight of Eilish Bouchier. It was a particularly windy Sunday in Bondi and I had decided to visit the local markets. I was happily pottering until -bang!- out of nowhere there was a hive of women all absolutely captivated by the same stall!

Fake handbags? No. Nor was there anyone with a megaphone shouting things. People were trying on rings and floating to necklaces like magpies, all while Eilish accurately filled them in on why they might have been drawn to that particular stone. Her antidotes seemed so touchingly personal, people were melting – you could see it emotionally affecting them.

I love stuff like this! I tried to get closer and listen. And that’s when it happened; I spotted a sparkling citrine ring. “Oh no,” I thought, “I didn’t actually want to buy anything but…” I picked it up and tried it on: perfect fit. “Shit!”

When I glanced up, Eilish was looking at me with her big blue Irish eyes. “That my dear is the stone that helps you to achieve your dreams,” she smiled.

“Thanks, I’ll think about it!” I replied, literally running-off, desperate not to just randomly shower myself in expensive jewels. But  then a weird thing happened: I just could not stop thinking about it!

As I type this now, a large sparkling citrine ring sits on my finger. For whatever reason, whenever I have it on, I feel so safe and reassured. I look for it as soon as I wake in the morning. I hate even taking it off for exercise or to shower!

So I thought it would be great if the lovely Eilish (who has now become my lethal jewellery friend) shared some of her lessons from being a brand consultant to Apple and Vodaphone to becoming a gemstone extraordinaire.

Oooh and you can see her online shop here. 




Picture credits; all pictures curtesy of  Shashen Jewels except for ‘Beautiful gifts of the earth’ gemstone magnets and final image of gems on vintage paper. Background fabric.



  1. Suzi
    Thank you! What a gorgeous post a always. I could just feel my heart opening more and more as I read it. The words, images and layout made me smile like you do. So thrilled you love your citrine and more so that it loves you and privileged to be your new lethal jewellery friend. You are a delight. Here’s to the citrine bringing more and more blessings of love and prosperity to you. Big kiss x Eilish

    Comment by Eilish Bouchier — March 5, 2013 #

  2. Aw thank you Eilish! You are so sweet and I can’t tell you how happy I am to have you as My Lethal New Jewellery too. Thank you for bringing a little of this magic into my life- I know people will love to read your story ! Go you! x x x

    Comment by suzi — March 5, 2013 #

  3. Ops My Lethal New Jewellery Friend, hehe, you knew what I meant!

    Comment by suzi — March 5, 2013 #

  4. Love this post Suzi, it really reminds me of the experiences I have had with jewellery. Some of my most treasured pieces of jewellery have been impulse buys which now I cannot live without. Beautiful post as always. Grace x

    Comment by Moda de la Mode — March 7, 2013 #

  5. Lovely to hear from you Grace! And yeah it’s funny isn’t it, I’m glad you feel the same. Thanks so much for reading xxxxxx

    Comment by suzi — March 7, 2013 #

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