5 Reasons To Get Happier At Home

Posted by Suzi | March 22, 2013

We all know that our everyday wellbeing has a massive effect on our health. But it’s one of those things that’s easy to recognise and then just as easy to completely forget all about!

Stress, fatigue, depression; all take their toll on our health. Just as peace-of-mind, happiness and restoration do the opposite. As modern medical science continues to scrutinise and amaze itself at the power of our emotions on our body; suddenly, in light of this, the environments in which we spend our lives in take on new meaning.

Creating good vibes in your home is not hocus pocus, but actually super-good for your health. Not got a clue where to start? Simply focusing on what makes you feel great! Socialising? Relaxing with a cup of hot coco? Watering the plants?

Whatever it is, here’s why it’s so important to make your home a place where you really, really love to spend time!





Picture credits (from left): Beach girl; glitter foot; picnic; cushions; flowers.


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  1. OMG glitter feet!

    Comment by Brynn — March 28, 2013 #

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