5 Reasons To Drink Water

Posted by Suzi | October 30, 2012

Just like eating vegetables, saying your please/thank yous and taking make-up off  before bedtime, we all know we should be drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. But ask most people why (myself included) and they’ll probably come back with something like: “Umm….hydration?”

No-one likes feeling thirsty but ultimately water does so much more quench a dry throat. In fact, according to professionals, we should be sipping it all day long- not just waiting on the inner nudge! As the body grows older, your thirst sensation can disappear and thus it’s easy to be completely blind to your own dehydration.

I know there’s a bit of you thinking: “Ahh yes, but it’s just so boring to drink”. Try herbal teas (I used to be a 7 Tetley a day kind of girl – now I mix it up with peppermint, Ayurvedic blends, green, whatever), flavouring water is another good idea- chuck in some lemon or lime, a slice of watermelon or some mint.

The more you realise what a miraculous little elixir it is, the easier it gets.

Here’s the juice:


Picture credits (from top left); Girl in pool; eyes; girl floatinglegs; girl in rain



  1. So much I never knew! LOVE these new posts.

    Comment by Anna Bryan — November 6, 2012 #

  2. Such a helpful article. Love it! x x

    Comment by Keli — February 2, 2013 #

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