5 mini things you can do to save the sea

Posted by Suzi | October 23, 2012

Our oceans are in crisis- from 1950 to 2008 we’ve gone from catching 9 million tonnes of fish to 142 million. Realistically, I’m not going to quit my day job to go egg dodgy fisherman or anything but I would like to know little ways I can help.

So I researched and here’s what I found. If anyone wants to add to this list, I’d love to hear what other simple things can make a difference.




Picture credits (from top left): Feet in water, Hands, 1. Couple in the waves, 2. Make informed choices  3. Fishing, 4. fish, 5. Eco products
Helpful websites; http://www.mcsuk.org,  http://www.seafoodchoices.com,



  1. Spend less time in the shower? Love this and did mean to follow but then just had a (non researched) tuna sandwich for lunch. Doh!

    Comment by S Daniels — October 24, 2012 #

  2. This is beautiful! You really are a very talented little lady.

    Comment by Anna Bryan — October 24, 2012 #

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