5 Cool Byron Hangouts

Posted by Suzi | April 3, 2013

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Byron Bay. Beach-to-die-for, epicentre of all things hippie, most Western point of Australia and, according to a general consensus of nearly everyone I meet, one of the most chilled out spots on earth!

What I like most about it most is that there’s a little magic there for practically everyone. From the surfers, who come to hit-up the rugged waves, to those drawn by its’ unique healing energies, sky-divers, there for the beautiful landscapes, farmers at the local market, hoards of backpackers, pagans popping-by for gatherings; I think you get the picture.

As soon as I arrived, a little bit of me just went “Ahhhh.” Everyone needs a spot where they can do that! So just incase any of you are planning a getaway there, here are 5 awesome little hangouts not to miss.



Links (from top: The AtlanticConscious Cafe; Medicine Wheel, Hope & May, Naked Treaties.


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