4 Things To Know About Yellow

Posted by Suzi | December 3, 2012

The happiest of all colours; yellow is an awesome colour to wear or look at on a Monday as it stimulates the brain (something let’s face it 99.9% of us need after a weekend off).

It can be a fussy little number though- difficult to match, weird looking if you get the wrong tones and too loud at times. While there are no absolute rules, in general, it’s best paired with one or two other colours or patterns.

It shines against just a splash of green or blue. Looks wonderful with lots of grey or white. I also love it accessorized with a dash of hot pink but am missing any pics here (sorry).

Anyway I hope you like this little brain boost for your Monday xx




Picture credits (from left:yellow bedyellow door; bikewhite & yellow hallwaycakebowl of lemonsdaisies
yellow chairsYou Make Me Happymood board





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