3 Ways To Find Zen at Home

Posted by Suzi | January 30, 2013

The side-effects of stress on your health really scare me. While the body is made to withhold a bit of the stuff (cavemen and woman were always lurking around dangerous situations, which could/should be worse than your latest credit bill) the worry with the way we live today is that we never really switch off.

Think about the Blackberry- the gadget, not the fruit. With all it’s charms, if  a nasty situation arises at work, or even socially, it’s forever only really about 30cms away from you. And constantly flashing and vibrating in your pocket with every new development.

According to science, it is this kind of prolonged stress (not just coming inadvisably close to the odd lion every now and then) that is most dangerous to humans. Recent studies show why; proving that the powerful rush of chemicals the body releases when anxious, completely disrupts your cells’ ability to respond normally to signals. Meaning stress = a crazy immune system.

On the plus side, all it really means we need to chill the hell out a bit more. Here are 3 great ways to zone-out and zen-up at home:



Picture credits (from top left): Hydrangeas; Kimonoice-cubeswallpaper.





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