3 small truths about Avocado

Posted by Suzi | October 31, 2012

Brazilians add it to their ice-cream for flavour, the Aussies smash them up with fetta and serve it on toast for breakfast, vegan actress Oliva Wilde called them her “crack,” while Mick Jagger admitted he was seriously addicted to it: the avocado, it seems, manages to send  us all a little loco at times.

Maybe it’s the creamy texture or its’ ability to mix so well with other flavours; rich smoked salmon, spicy Mexican food, a runny slab of mozzarella.  Coming repeatedly low on The Environmental Working Group (EWG) list of produce with the highest amount of pesticides, it’s not necessary to splash out on organic either.

Instead forget anything you’ve ever heard about them be fattening and be careful how you peel (best not bought over-ripe) the stuff nearest the skin is the most nutrient dense.


Happy eating! xx




Picturecredits (from left): Girls on grass; B&W pic of girl; avocado on toast, girl in dress



  1. Avocado with egg is the best! Nom nom nom…

    Comment by Chrissy — November 6, 2012 #

  2. Never knew it helped you skin- pass the guacamole indeed.

    Comment by Emma Matthews — November 6, 2012 #

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