3 Instant Beauty Tips

Posted by Suzi | February 19, 2013

You know those midweek days where suddenly you feel a bit meh? Maybe you’re tired or your complexion looks a bit dull and you want a quick-fix (without spending a small fortune).

When I have those days, I used to just plough on extra foundation or concealer or mascara- which is actually no.1 give-away to someone having one of those days. Now I’m obsessed with other little tricks and tips that can instantly turn things around.

Last week, I was feeling a bit run down (totally self-inflicted, being a bit of a tyrant with myself work-wise) and then I went to a meditation session at my yoga school and it changed my week. When I left my eyes were sparkling and I just felt so clear-headed and awesome.

But anyway back to beauty tips- what do you think of these tried-and-tested methods?



Picture credits (from top left): little girl in hairdressers; eyeslighten coverage girlsparkle.


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