3 free ways to glow!

Posted by Suzi | October 29, 2012

Most magazine beauty journalists are caught in a bit of a predicament as their wages are paid by adverts and so they are obliged to mention certain brands, $$$ serums and miracle creams. While I am certainly a sucker reading all about them, I also know radiance is not really something you can bottle.

To truly light-up the room, all you need is a sure-fire state of mind and a killer smile (yes, even if you’re wearing it with a bin bag).

While taking care of your skin, and your body, certainly is key long-term wise; there are so many (free!) ways to get an instant radiance hit too.

Here’s three things you can try today:



Picture credits (from left): steam clean, handsfeatherselephant; girl walking down street; toddler in big shoeshappy girl on bed; happy sleeping eggsLife Is Beautiful cushion.



  1. Another great post!
    Loving all the new blogs Suzi :)
    I steam my face (only about once every two months – but I will now aim for more,) spend lots of time outside, and go to bed happy – Yay! x x x

    Comment by Louise Palmer — October 30, 2012 #

  2. Thanks Louise! I’m so happy you’re enjoying them :-)

    I also made a note to self to steam more.

    I now have a follow button on the left so you can get blog posts sent directly to your email too! xxx

    Comment by suzi — October 31, 2012 #

  3. Clever thinking, I like it!!

    Comment by Christopher — February 1, 2013 #

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