Screen Goddess Pads

Posted by Suzi | May 22, 2012

Rainy it may be, but I’m seriously sorry to be missing my annual partying at The Cannes Film Festival this year. And so to compensate  I’ve been cheering myself up with images of the ultimate chick-flick cribs. Aren’t they glorious?

Forget ‘shaken not stirred’, with more bubbles- bath and champagne, naturally- than your average Bond pad; I love the idea of creating an eccentric girlie retreat away from any kind of sensibility whatsoever.

There’d be toasted marshmallows for breakfast, pedicures on chaise lounges and lots of swirling around to bad music in fabulous dresses.

Why-oh-why has no-one ever built  a hotel like this? Screw Cannes, I’d be there in a flash (dance, obvs).


Film credits from top left: Chaise lounge, Marie Antoinette; French Exterior, Marie Antoinette; Shoes, Marie Antoinette; Fans, Marie Antoinette; Penthouse apartment (both), Down With Love; Blue bedroom, Sex In The City 2; Sleeping Audrey, Breakfast At Tiffany’s; Turquoise ’20s bedroom, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day; Bath, The Holiday;  Dressing Table, A Single Man; Couch, A Single Man; Bubble bath, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day; Staircase, Auntie Mame; Penthouse apartment (both), Down With Love; Wardrobe and Chandelier (both): Sex In The City 2; Blue sitting room, Factory Girl; NY Balcony, How To Marry A Millionaire; Yellow bedroom, Auntie Mame; Bubble bath pink, Pillow Talk; Suitcases and Audrey;  Breakfast At Tiffany’s.



  1. I LOVE this blog! Every time I stop-by it makes me feel happy! Thank you for doing this and I’d totally check into that hotel too.

    Comment by sampop — May 23, 2012 #

  2. Totally want that Down With Love apartment…

    Comment by Gerry1 — May 23, 2012 #

  3. Wardrobe envy!!!!!

    Comment by Ikie — May 23, 2012 #

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