5 Cool Byron Hangouts

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I recently had the pleasure of visiting Byron Bay. Beach-to-die-for, epicentre of all things hippie, most Western point of Australia and, according to a general consensus of nearly everyone I meet, one of the most chilled out spots on earth!

What I like most about it most is that there’s a little magic there for practically everyone. From the surfers, who come to hit-up the rugged waves, to those drawn by its’ unique healing energies, sky-divers, there for the beautiful landscapes, farmers at the local market, hoards of backpackers, pagans popping-by for gatherings; I think you get the picture.

As soon as I arrived, a little bit of me just went “Ahhhh.” Everyone needs a spot where they can do that! So just incase any of you are planning a getaway there, here are 5 awesome little hangouts not to miss.



Links (from top: The AtlanticConscious Cafe; Medicine Wheel, Hope & May, Naked Treaties.


Word love; interior style

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Tell most people to decorate a home and they will freak the hell out!

Reactions tend to be something along the line of:

“Cripes, how do I get my couch to fit in there?!”

“Where an earth do I start?!”

“Should I go French or minimalist?”

But the thing is when we try too hard to follow fashion, or rules, we lose a bit of ourselves in the process! That’s why I love these 5 quick decor tips; they’re not so much about momentary changes in fashion, but about finding your inner style. And not being afraid to flaunt it.



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5 Reasons To Get Happier At Home

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We all know that our everyday wellbeing has a massive effect on our health. But it’s one of those things that’s easy to recognise and then just as easy to completely forget all about!

Stress, fatigue, depression; all take their toll on our health. Just as peace-of-mind, happiness and restoration do the opposite. As modern medical science continues to scrutinise and amaze itself at the power of our emotions on our body; suddenly, in light of this, the environments in which we spend our lives in take on new meaning.

Creating good vibes in your home is not hocus pocus, but actually super-good for your health. Not got a clue where to start? Simply focusing on what makes you feel great! Socialising? Relaxing with a cup of hot coco? Watering the plants?

Whatever it is, here’s why it’s so important to make your home a place where you really, really love to spend time!





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6 Small Space Solutions

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Ok this is an exciting first for the blog…we have a competition!! Sponsored by Lombok, a UK furniture company, which specialises in Eastern inspired furniture (and REALLY pretty decor accessories), they want to give one lucky little reader £300 to spend on their online store.

Only UK residents can enter (you can see all the t&cs below), so if you live overseas, make sure you tell all your UK-based family and friends. I’m also very happy to offer the winner complimentary styling advice for their purchases.

So go ahead and enter in the comments section below! What is your favourite small space? Maybe it’s a cute little cafe you like to curl up in? The spare room at your mum’s house? The garden shed?

I really look forward to reading all your responses and hope those that can’t enter will enjoy the small space solutions anyways. Who doesn’t need more room at home?




4 Things Rocking My World This Week

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Hello guys,

Happy new week! I’m starting mine of full of ideas (so many good changes afloat! I will of course by sharing with you all along the way).

Today felt like the first day of Autumn in Sydney- crisp, cool, yet kind of peaceful and beautiful all at the same time. As all over the world, we move into a new chapter of the year; saying “hello” to some stuff, “see you later!” to others, and setting-up new goals and adventures, it’s exciting.

What better way to start such a week than with a Rocking My World post?

I wish you all a wonderful new season xx





Picture credits (from left): CoYo; Strawberries; Rachel Castle’s site; Paris in the spring.


10 Tips for GLOWING Skin

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Woah! It’s Friday! How the hell did that happen? I’ve been having such an action-packed fun week (will fill you in on it all with a 5 Things Rocking My Week post soonest) but, in the meantime, I’m off to a wedding today and so I thought it would be timely to do a beauty-related post.

Throughout my years of journalistic escapades in London, I had the pleasure of meeting so many dermatologists, beauticians, people who had spent years researching products and were generally passionate about skin! Here are a few little tips (that will have excellent results) I learnt along the way.

Happy weekend guys! I’ll be back with lots of fun on the blog next week! xx




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5 Ways To Throw An Awesome Charity Event

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There are some invitations you get in life that just seem to sparkle a little bit more than others. One such one arrived in my inbox last week entitled: The Extraordinary Banquet. Thrown in aid of Friends of The Earth (read all about them here), it totally had me at the subject line. Me being generally a sucker for any kind of banquet.

With experimental food (the menu actually has glow in the dark cucumbers on it) and performances inspired by the life and principles of Linda McCartney; Sir Paul, Dame Vivienne Westwood, Jo Wood and Clive Anderson all going, it sounded simply magical. Only problem is it’d be a bit of a 10, 600 mile schlep from Sydney (where I am).

Having recently been offered the opportunity to style an event, it got me thinking about what separates normal, nice occasions from the truly special ones.

With that in mind I asked fundraiser Beth Crackles, who’s one of the kick-ass organisers behind the night, her top 5 party tips for a money-raising affair.

Here you go!




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10 Simple Ways To Fall In Love With Your Home Again

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You know those times where you just feel a bit “Grrrrr!” about your home? A little like people, even the ones you love the most can get on your nerves from time to time.

I had it last week. I love my apartment, I really do, but reaching-up to find a weekend bag I’d stuffed away on a top shelf, a book came tumbling down and knocked me on the head. “Grrrrrr!” was the first thing that sprung to mind. Then it was: “This space is too small for me.” Then it was: “I don’t think I can live like this!”

Fast-forward 24-little-hours; after I had hoovered, moped, tidied top shelf in question and lit a few candles, I was curled-up with a book and loving it again! It got me thinking about the tiny things you can do to instantly make your home better.

Enjoy! x x x



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Question Time

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There is an argument that the paths our lives take are shaped by the questions we ask ourselves. Classic example; something not so good happens and what do you say to yourself:

A) “You stupid fool! How could you let this happen?!”


B) “Ok, how are we going to turn this around?”

Whether you chose A or B just then can mean so much more than the actual problem. In fact it can determine your future. *Quick aside: I think I personally go A, A, A at first, then B when I’ve calmed down a little.

Yet as Peak Performance guru Anthony Robbins  says: “I’ve asked everyone I’ve met from CEOs in high-rises to homeless people on the street and realised that the main difference between people who seemed to be successful- in any area!- and those who weren’t was that the successful people asked better questions and as a result got better answers.”

Look at what kind of questions are you asking yourself right now. Are they ones that make you feel panicked and fearful? Or asks that make you see things in a new, positive light?

Here are 5 questions I love right now:



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5 Things I’ve Learned About Gemstones by Eilish Bouchier

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I will always remember the first time I caught sight of Eilish Bouchier. It was a particularly windy Sunday in Bondi and I had decided to visit the local markets. I was happily pottering until -bang!- out of nowhere there was a hive of women all absolutely captivated by the same stall!

Fake handbags? No. Nor was there anyone with a megaphone shouting things. People were trying on rings and floating to necklaces like magpies, all while Eilish accurately filled them in on why they might have been drawn to that particular stone. Her antidotes seemed so touchingly personal, people were melting – you could see it emotionally affecting them.

I love stuff like this! I tried to get closer and listen. And that’s when it happened; I spotted a sparkling citrine ring. “Oh no,” I thought, “I didn’t actually want to buy anything but…” I picked it up and tried it on: perfect fit. “Shit!”

When I glanced up, Eilish was looking at me with her big blue Irish eyes. “That my dear is the stone that helps you to achieve your dreams,” she smiled.

“Thanks, I’ll think about it!” I replied, literally running-off, desperate not to just randomly shower myself in expensive jewels. But  then a weird thing happened: I just could not stop thinking about it!

As I type this now, a large sparkling citrine ring sits on my finger. For whatever reason, whenever I have it on, I feel so safe and reassured. I look for it as soon as I wake in the morning. I hate even taking it off for exercise or to shower!

So I thought it would be great if the lovely Eilish (who has now become my lethal jewellery friend) shared some of her lessons from being a brand consultant to Apple and Vodaphone to becoming a gemstone extraordinaire.

Oooh and you can see her online shop here. 




Picture credits; all pictures curtesy of  Shashen Jewels except for ‘Beautiful gifts of the earth’ gemstone magnets and final image of gems on vintage paper. Background fabric.


5 Things Rocking My World This Week

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Hey guys,

Happy Monday! I hope we all had nice weekends, mine was uber chilled and involved lots of sitting around in sweatpants and drinking tea (which was just what I needed).

And so, for once, I am beginning my week not in need of a couple of days rest (which normally happens after an action-packed weekend) but, instead, super-excited to start my week. And what better way than to start with all the little things making me happy right now?

I hope they do you too! xx





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Word love; happiness quotes

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Whenever I speak to anyone who reads my blog, I always get the same reaction. “I really like looking at the interiors,” they’ll say very politely. Then- like clockwork- eyes will widen and they’ll confess: “But the best thing about it?! Is all that happiness stuff!”

It seems you guys can’t get enough of the happiness stuff. Which is quite ok as I love it too!

Although, funnily enough, anyone who hasn’t read my blog- when I tell them I like to write about such things- always puzzles: “How on earth do you write about that then?!”

Which kind of sums us up, doesn’t it? We go about our lives forgetting that happiness is main name of the game. Then something so simple will come along and remind us that a smile is really the hugest gift we can have.

So here you go! A whole Word Love post on happiness. Enjoy! x x x








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5 Ways To Be More Creative With your Interiors

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Stuck in a home rut? Can’t see the sofa from the cushions? Well then you are in need of some homie inspiration! And I thought it would be lovely to have the wonderful Georgia Ezra write a guest post.

Georgia has recently opened her own boutique interior design firm in Melbourne – you can see it here. She also blogs on food, design and trapeze! I know, I told you she was the perfect creative.

Sharing some of her gorgeous interior shots from a project completed just last week (all photos by Jaime Diaz-Berrio ) here are her fairy godmother design tips.




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Monday Sparkle; Checklist for Awesomeness

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We’ve all been there – you know, when you’re stressing out about something and it just feels heavy and big. Like it’s just you vs world; no-one else quite gets it!

The most innocent remark can cut like a knife. You take everything personally. Molehills tend to = mountains. And you become a bit of a black belt at beating yourself up!

The thing is that when we feel crap about something, we kind of blind out all the good stuff and only see crap! I remember watching an experiment on luck- where they took people who thought they were unlucky and did things like leave £100 cash notes doted around their doorstep. The ‘unlucky’ people walked on oblivious, while those that thought they were ‘lucky’ always noticed the gifts.

How many times have you heard the phrase ‘you make your own luck’? The thing is that implies that it requires struggle, effort and grind. When, actually, just changing your viewpoint can shift everything. Are you ready for the checklist now? Ok, here we go…




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For real Friday; the birds and the bees

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I just love this little gem I fell upon today.

Because the thing is, we all think we communicate only via words; when actually the world seems to be far more subtle place than that. Whether you like it or not, right now you are sending off signals; happy signals, sad signals, extremely hostile hormonal signals. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like you have a choice, but deep down we kind of do.

Start to listen to what you’re choosing and, if you don’t like what it’s bringing back, then why not choose again? Mentally we can be as old or as young as we like, as free or as trapped, a rock star, a phoney, a sinner, a saint or somewhere in-between.

Whether you’ve just had the worst week in the world, or the best, I hope this weekend offers some find some new awesome thoughts for yourself.

Have fun! xx




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4 Things Rocking My World Right Now

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Oooh…drum roll please…I think I feel a new feature coming on! When I started this blog I really wanted to be able to share all the lovely stuff that winds-up in my inbox from various PRs across the home, fashion, beauty and travel. Then I got a bit distracted doing other stuff!

And so here it is! A new weekly round-up of all the things that are making me feel happy, positive and inspired right now.

What do you think? Do you agree?




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The Seed Guide

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We all know that so-called bird food is integral to a good diet. But do you know your chia seeds from you flax? Or that most seeds are so full of fibre that you need to drink lots and lots of water when consuming them?

Easy to fling into any of your favourite recipes, the seeds below all pack powerful nutritional punches. In fact legend has it that a single tablespoon of chia seeds could sustain Aztec warriors all day!

Are you eating any of them now?! If not- try them out! Sprinkle them on salads, oatmeal, yoghurt, add to baked goods, smoothies, puddings.

I guarentee you feel and look so much more energised from it!



Picture credits: seed background; chiaflax seeds; sesame; pumpkin.


3 Instant Beauty Tips

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You know those midweek days where suddenly you feel a bit meh? Maybe you’re tired or your complexion looks a bit dull and you want a quick-fix (without spending a small fortune).

When I have those days, I used to just plough on extra foundation or concealer or mascara- which is actually no.1 give-away to someone having one of those days. Now I’m obsessed with other little tricks and tips that can instantly turn things around.

Last week, I was feeling a bit run down (totally self-inflicted, being a bit of a tyrant with myself work-wise) and then I went to a meditation session at my yoga school and it changed my week. When I left my eyes were sparkling and I just felt so clear-headed and awesome.

But anyway back to beauty tips- what do you think of these tried-and-tested methods?



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It’s The Blog’s Birthday!!!

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Just 365 little days ago I caved-in to the modern world and decided to start a blog! And what a joy it has been! When I fell out of university and into magazines, I felt like a blip in the ocean. There was so many people wanting the same job! It was competitive, and gruelling, and the most creative thing got to do for about 2 years was fold-up clothes in a fashion cupboard, neatly.

I know everyone has to start somewhere- and the best people get to the top by learning what the people at the bottom do- but the beautiful thing about blogging is that no-one really has to be a blip anymore. We’ve all got a bit of the ocean that we can express ourselves in.

If you’ve kind enough to read and like and follow my the beguinings of my journey here; please share! Every new subscription, Facebook like, Twitter follower, Pintrest friend means so much.

Bring on year 2! x x x



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For Real Friday; 5 Things You Never Knew About Scent

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Scent can be a wonderfully provocative (and yet often neglected) facet of your home. I think this stems from a collective fear of air freshener! Or those bowls of potpourri that seemed to penetrate 99% of homes in the 1980′s and would smell like the same stuff you’d use to polish wood.

Yet smell is powerfully linked to how we feel. It can improve your mood, set a tone, evoke a memory, inspire the imagination. Thus, if you want to give your home an extra layer of amazingness, it’s an important thing to think about.

Here’s some things I bet/hope you didn’t already know…

Happy weekend x x x




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